I Felt It

Lyrics by: Sarah Jane Colico

Dated: October 26, 2013


The night stars were so bright
The cold air was sweet
Looking forward tomorrow
To see you again, looking at me


Didn’t care about the dogs barking
Didn’t care about the dirty street
I’m walking and thinking
while looking at your eyes talking to me


I felt it when you fall on me
I know how you felt and i ignored
We were so young so young
And have so much things to do


i cried, still crying, don’t want a pity
small smile seeing others happy
big smile because I felt it
i felt your love for me


Been gazing at the flower shops
Been looking up the clouds
Been smiling while I’m walking
and had happy heart


i had lost my happiness, heart and dreams
i chose to walk, think and dream alone
i felt your love and i’m happy
i lose your love and now i’m lonely

Repeat Refrain Chorus


i felt it

thank you 😀


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