Forever or never?

Lyrics & Chords by: sarah jane colico

Dated: June 7, 2010

Intro: A- E- A –D


Just sitting down, sitting down.

Just looking around, looking around,

until I saw you.

You look like a prince in an armor suit

Blessed with a charming face

Your chocolate coated skin

Seems likes surrounding me

It makes me think of our future memories.



We will fly high up in the sky

And play with the birds until the night sky

We will stare at the moon

And enjoy the stars with their lights.

Ah ah aah ah ah aah

Ah ah aah ah ah aah



Why don’t you sit with me? Sit with me

Why don’t you talk to me? Talk to me

Look at me

Say that you want me or tell me if I’m wrong

So I could get over you

I’ll try to stop what I am feeling for you

But I won’t promise that I’ll stop dreaming of you.



Forever or never?

We will be together

Look into my eyes

And you can see that you’re in my heart.


Repeat chorus


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