From Mrs. Surname Want to Be

Dear Mr. Surname,

I only need a man who can openly accept the love
my heart is longing to give.

A man who will treat me as his partner, not his property.
A man not afraid to share his story with me.
A man who know how to trust and how to value it.
A man who will accept the old me, present me and future me.
Not a man who’s afraid of changes.

We girls naturally love to change ourselves, specially our looks and mind.
But the hardest thing to change for us, is our heart.
We might change our perfume, the way we walk or talk,
But we don’t easily change the people we chose to love.

Most of you think women are complicated.
But hey, we’re not. We’re simply being us.
Our moods change easily. We love crazily. 

Besides, not all things are meant to be understood.
And when it comes to me loving a man, and a man loving me,
This will be my direct message for him:

“As long as you’re staying, even if you can’t understand me,
One thing you’re sure of, despite of all the uncertainties,
You will always get the love that you deserve.

When I push you away, I don’t mean it, pull me back.
And when you don’t need my love anymore and decided to leave,
Don’t feel guilty and look at me while I’m broken.

Because after that, you might never see me again – like I was before.
Remember, a woman love changes.”

Mrs. Surname Want to Be


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