My first International Travel

Singapore. Year 2014 is actually my first attempt to land and experience other country. But unfortunately, it didn’t worked. The immigration officers seemed so suspiscious of me travelling alone for the first time. Though I have Letter of Invitation, copy of ID/pass & Address/Contact details of my cousin, what they want is a proof that we’re cousin. I can still remember even the minor things happened that night but that’s not the story I want to share.

After 2 years, I gave it a 2nd try. I contacted my cousin and consulted my parents about it. They know it will make me happy and my cousin is so kind to welcome me in SG. So I bought a ticket for 1 week and January 10, I was there in front of IOs again. I brought what they asked before, birth certificate of my cousin but they even checked our personal conversation just to be sure I am in contact with my sponsors. That is sort of invading privacy but if that’s how it works for them fine I didn’t question anymore all I want is to successfuly board and ride on an airplane for the first time in my 26 years of living.

Since waiting for the IOs decision, I think everything went smoothly. They marked the form w/ the boarding pass and directed me to go to the gate and wait for the plane.

To be continued >>This is a shot taken by my ate Janice as we meet at Changi airport. Ngiting tagumpay.


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