How Love Came to ME

God gives you answers in three ways:
1. He says yes and gives you want you want
2. He says no and gives you something better
3. He says wait and gives you the best.”


Oakaye! It’s been a while since I posted something here. Though I paused for a moment, I never stopped wondering, thinking and making conclusion on things. We all have our own perceptions and judgments in life anyway.

I just want to share something that just happened and many things happened very UNEXPECTEDLY.

Oakaye! So I started to be more busy on my job and I am focusing myself on bonding with my family and doing my duties on Church. And yes at the moment of my life were I least expected it, mr.cupido tripped on me. I’m so busy planning, working and earning from my home-based business and then he added and chatted me on facebook. Yes, it all started through social media. Let’s talk about him. I’ve heard his name before from my friends and childhood playmates who have crush on him. Though we’re worshiping on the same Church I seldom saw him. Before, I wasn’t sure if he’s a shy guy or an over confident man that he doesn’t think he needs friends because he is handsome and cool. That’s all I think about him before, a typical handsome guy who knows there are many girls who admire him.

He asked permission to court on facebook and after a month I answered yes through text. Very modern eh? Hmm..I felt excited for entering a relationship for the first time. At the age of 22, I know my parents won’t prevent it anymore. Being an old fashioned woman, it’s my dream to have only one man love from first boyfriend to husband. And that’s what I am working which I hope he’ll work on, too with me and I hope it works 🙂

After months of dating as couple, I’ve been admiring his calmness. I believe trust is the key to a long lasting relationship. And now instead of measuring his efforts to make me happy, I now focus on doing things that can make him happy and will be best for both of us. He taught me how to kiss. He makes me feel like a teenager from the first time he kissed my hand and then forehead. I always want him holding my hand and I want to hug and smell him always. Based on the articles I read, those are just normal when you’re in love and I’m sure I’m not being demanding. People say don’t be too needy and I’m still observing myself if I am being needy. But to be honest, I can’t imagine my life without him.

Happy love life is not about lust, though money can affect, it is still how the couple treasure and take care of each other and their will to make love last forever. So this post shares how I truly fell in love and went in a relationship for the FIRST TIME. I just want to feel this moment and not worry about the future. My family is complete, I have online business, I am a member of INC, I have friends and I have a handsome, calm as the sea and sweet lover so who am I to complain? I feel lucky and blessed indeed!  As long as there is love, everything matters. Boooom!!!


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