A Woman of Steel

“A woman knows
the face of the man she loves
as a sailor knows the open sea.”
That’s according to Honore de Balzac.

I confessed my feelings into a man,

I just feel it’s the face I love.
but it doesn’t mean I’m desperate to have him.
Funny thing is that I don’t really understand the meaning of his responses.
And I just told myself, “Oh Sarah, He’s not into you. You’re just bothering him.”

I can’t believe I did. Firstly.

Because I actually don’t like flirting,
I’m not interested in dating at all,
and I don’t want to rush into a relationship.
I have standands but not too high.
You know, it depends.
But mandatory is to have a sense of responsibility
and should be a member of Church of Christ.
Due to how my parents disciplined me,
I’m not even afraid of getting old and dying alone.

I’m not waiting for a man or for someone who will fill my lovelife.
But I’ll be thankful if I’ll get to have a lifetime partner.

My focus is into three things: a better life for my family,  constant happiness and a beautiful relationship with the Lord.


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