Think about it :)

There are different types of music. Music give us emotions and at the same time, we choose the music that we want to hear based on what we feel. Music helps us face the reality of life. It lessens our doubts, fears and loneliness.

Our wonderful life is like a maze. Wrong turns may trap us but there’s always another way to get out and get chance to see the light. The light that will enlighten us. God keeps an eye on our hearts and minds. On how our faith and love for him remains. He’s patiently waiting until His children found their way into the door of light. He’s been sending angels to tell us the right path and all we have to do is follow. We can sing and dance while following words of the good. In contrast, there are bad consequences to face when we follow the evil’s. That’s why we have to be strong enough to fight and ignore the evil elements around.

Yes we have our different goals in life, goals that when reached, will make us happy. But in general, our goal is to know why we exist. We don’t exist just for ourselves, not only for our loved ones and material dreams.

Everything in this world will be gone someday, but our souls will remain. And I wonder if we’ll remember our existence today, when we’re on that state. So I think whatever our past, present and future in this life is, God is the one who will judge if our souls deserve to be in the lightness with Him or be in the lake of fire forever. This is one of the reasons why many people are scared to die. They are aware of the consequences. Some are not yet oriented with the truth and some can’t admit the truth to themselves. And that is a sad fact. Because we are concerned with each other.

If all people are open minded and is really concerned to get in the right way, then our walk in this life will be much easier and happier. For now, as years passed, we have to feed our minds with the truth and let the angels guide us all the way. Appreciate the time God has given us to spend with the people or things we love and value.



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