My Learning as a Teacher

Within 4 months of teaching, I observed that not everyday your students can give their attention to you. Sometimes they are not in the mood to learn or hear anything from you. But often than that you will see how eager they are to learn new lessons. You can feel their pressures and confusions. But somehow you will feel that they sincerely love you and like the way you treat them. In vice versa, I know the students can feel when their teacher is angry with them or not in the mood to teach. And their happiness is undeniable when the teacher compliments them and praises their good work.

Being a teacher is not as easy as I thought when I was a student. Every time I enter a room, I feel some pressure in the air. Not only because I’m a newbie and I need to prove myself but because, I’m facing individuals who have different lives and dreams. In a short period of time talking in front of them, I’m aware I could say things that might affect their visions, beliefs and behavior towards life which can be good or bad for them. We have our own thoughts but to be able to reach the great knowledge, we should be open to other ideas and we should know how to accept that we are people who commit mistakes and failures. But it’s my pleasure to see and teach children everyday:)

When talking about mastery of the profession, I would be foolish with myself to say that I or anyone has that. There are infinite lessons in every field of profession. And for me, it can’t be based on the level of education and the number of units that you’ve taken. A professional man adapts a life with full of passion on his work, his happy and CONTINUALLY LEARNING ON HIS PROFESSION.

I remembered a quote saying “study well your lessons so that on your graduation I can say congratulations”. Well I know that graduating in college is just a stepping stone to be successful. During my graduation, I felt so relieved. No more major exams, so no need to memorize a lot of terms and definitions again. Yeah that’s how school exams seemed for me. You will get high score if you’ve memorize those terms in the book as well as the formulas. I’ve been an unwise student. Except for some math solutions and computer applications, I used to forget the lessons 2 weeks after the exam. And if it will be given again, I’ll just memorize it again. That’s the only way I think I could pass them. My brain is not capable as of the others’ in storing data for a long term so I need to eject some of them. Before, I was a slow learner, that’s why I am considerate with some students. But once I’ve learned it and practiced it, I excel on it. And that’s why now I want to witness my students trying hard to learn and practice. Now that I have work experience, I can say I’m a fast learner now and I’m trying to excel at the same time. I feel so flexible and adaptable to changes. I feel I can do anything or I can be on any job. That’s the way it is. I’m confident with myself, because otherwise who else? What am I trying to say here is that, I feel so blessed because I’m a teacher now but I’m still not sure if this is what I want to do until my retirement, if I will reach that age (I hope so). I’m not sure because there are days I’m lacking of reasons why I should stay and not everyday I’m happy. Paper works are giving me pressure but I feel challenged as well. If others can handle the heaviness, why can’t I?

One has to be really happy and passionate with what he’s doing. And that’s what I’m trying to do – be happy with what I do. Now I’m almost five months in the service of teaching. What I love here (BSU-IS) is the joy I feel when I’m with my students and the satisfaction I get when I see them really learning my subject. My co-teachers are also helpful and cheerful. But while adjusting my life from a virtual assistant to a teacher, I also observed and realized that using English language in teaching is good, ONLY if it is used in a way that the students understand the lesson. I believe deep or profound English is a potential hindrance why most students find their lessons on each subject hard to understand. I noticed it’s not helping the students in being fluent in English. Rather, a joyful communication and clear discussions are the keys needed for every class. And that’s what I am trying to implement. In school, not only the students are learning, but also the teachers.


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