11 ways on how to feel beautiful inside and out:

1. Share your Smile to everyone. (Practice your best smile in front of your mirror)
2. Think that you are beautiful even if you’re not. (Just keep it inside and DON’T EXPECT others will say so)
3. Be satisfied with the looks God has given to you. (It is your duty to maintain or enhance it NATURALLY)
4. Don’t forget to always say Thank You to all who did good to you.
5. Say sorry if you did something bad. Admit that you’re wrong and learn from it.
6. Never boast your greatness, just share it HUMBLY.
7. Always owe God for your success and blame yourself for your failures. (You are the responsible for EVERYTHING that happens into your life)
8. Handle your troubles or problems in a cool way. Control your temper and stay happy.
9. Appreciate your surroundings and the people around you. (Because in this world, NOTHING is permanent)
10. Live healthy. (Drink plenty of water and eat the right food for you)
11. Be open minded. (Life is full of surprises)


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